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Overview of revnt
Written by Chris Deardorff
Updated over a week ago

While we’ve designed revnt to be as intuitive as possible, there are some features that are entirely unique to our platform, so we want to make sure you’re introduced to them and comfortable with how they work.

The Basics

When you first enter your video, you’ll see a screen fairly similar to the screenshot below.

On the left will be your video display. As an attendee, you will simply see the stream of the current session’s host (or perhaps a static welcome screen if no session is currently live).


On the right side of the screen are multiple ways to engage with other attendees:

  • Public chat rooms

  • Private chat rooms for each individual session

  • Direct messages with other participants

All of your chat conversations last beyond the live sessions themselves, so you can easily continue conversing with other hosts and attendees even after the live video has completed.

Message Types

There are multiple message types available in Chat, from sharing files to posting polls for people. Click "Type" in the Chat text box to see all the options.

Video Chat

You can also create a video chat within your Private Groups or Direct Messages by clicking the Camera icon next to the chat title.

Note: You cannot video chat with someone while also watching the live session.


We also offer a unique and exciting way to take notes. Every note that you take are time-stamped to each session, so you can easily jot down their thoughts while you are presenting (see image below).

When you return to your session later for review, each note will be synchronized so when you click on a specific note, the video jumps to the exact moment you took the note during your presentation for easy reference and context.

Bookmarks and Highlights

Along with taking notes, you can also highlight and bookmark moments at any time during the video presentation.

To highlight a particular point of the video content, simply click the star button on the bottom right-hand side of the video. To bookmark a particular point of the video content, simply click the bookmark button on the bottom right-hand side of the video. Your Highlights and Bookmarks will be synced to the timeline of the presentation.

If you need to leave the session for any reason, just click the red "Leave" button to be taken back to the main video landing page.

Audio and Video Settings

Before beginning your video session, make sure to test your audio video. We recommend visiting to check everything. Our platform will automatically select the system default audio and video options, but if you have connected a different camera, microphone, or headphones, make sure to click the small down arrows next to the Audio and Video buttons to view all potential sources.

Schedule and Navigating Sessions

If your video has multiple sessions, you will want to check times and descriptions. You can view the entire schedule, and access your sessions, from the schedule dropdown:

If you are attending multiple sessions, you can “preselect” them beforehand (as seen here for Breakout Discussions), which will prompt you to move to the next session. We won’t automatically remove you from your current session).

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