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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions
Written by Chris Deardorff
Updated over a week ago

What if I can't log in or I am having log in issues?

The most common reason this happens is that users try to log in with different email addresses - if you try to sign in with two different emails, the platform will not let you in.

Another reason is people forget to accept their Welcome Email to join the revnt platform. To find your Welcome Email, simply search your email inbox for 'revnt' and you should find an email with a blue box that says 'Create Account' - simply click this link and you should be good.

What do I do if my screen's frozen?

Most video and browser-related issues can be solved by refreshing the page. Don't worry, your notes, bookmarks, and highlights will be saved, and you will load right back into your session. If you continue to have issues, check out our Troubleshooting Guide.

How do I start and stop a recording? What happens it I forgot to do one of these?

The Record button is located at the bottom right of the video window. You can pause and resume recording as much as you like during the presentation, but keep in mind that this will be available on-demand after your video session. Try to keep the pausing and resuming to a minimum. You can refer to our Overview article for more information.

How do I set up a breakout room? During a live video and before?

Check out this article with a video and overview of our Breakout Rooms Manager

Why can't I see myself when I'm screen-sharing in full-screen?

What does my audience see when I'm screen sharing in full-screen?

During screen sharing, the audience will see your presentation, along with your camera feed, in a smaller window above and to the right of the presentation.

How do I go from a webinar-style meeting where my audience's audio/video is muted to an interactive meeting where I can see and hear my audience?

Currently, we don't support multiple session types per session. If you need both, we recommend scheduling both a Live Stream session type followed by a Q&A style Live Panel session type, or just set up a Live Panel session and have all your audience members be muted.

As a host, why do I see all the sessions, even the ones I didn't attend?

Currently, when assigning host permissions to newly registered hosts, they receive access and visibility for ever session. You may lose that access and visibility before the beginning of your video session, depending on your host's preferences.

Can I export my notes?

Yes, we have added this feature to our platform for your convenience.

When will the On-Demand video be available?

On-Demand video is typically available within half an hour to a couple of hours of completing the session.

How long does the video session remain accessible?

The video will remain accessible for as long as the host organization wants.

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