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Event Creation: Overview Section Guide
Event Creation: Overview Section Guide

A deep dive on the Overview section of the Event Editor

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Welcome to our deep dive on the Overview section of the Event Editor! The Overview section is where the basics of your event are established. Let's examine each field in detail.

Event Basics

At the top, you can fill in your event Name. The event Name will appear on the top of your landing page and in the URL for your event.

Just below the Name field, you can see the Path, which is how the name of your event translates into the URL. If you want to change it, click Edit and input a different path. Just make sure all spaces are replaced with a "-" (hyphen).

Note: Do not change the Path if you have already sent out a link to attendees. Changing the Path will break your links, and anyone who uses the old link will end up on a blank page.

Below that, you can set the start and end dates/times of your event. Click the calendar icon to pop out a calendar to pick your date/time. Do the same for the end date.

Next to the date, is your time zone selection. Many virtual events attract attendees from different time zones. The zone you select will appear next to the time on your landing page to give your audience clarity.

Additional Hosts

Finally, below the date/time is Host selection. Click the Select Users field to give Host permissions to users who are Organization Admins, as well as revnt Support.

If you want to give host permissions to users not listed in the dropdown, type their email in the field to the right and click the Invite button that appears there. If you wish to send multiple invites, separate their email addresses with a comma.

That's it! If you are satisfied with your choices, click Save and Advance to move to the Landing Page Section.

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