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Event Creation: Landing Page Section
Event Creation: Landing Page Section

A deep dive into the Landing Page section of the Event Editor

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Welcome to our deep dive on the Landing Page section. Here you will select a logo, create an "About" section, and customize the landing page. Let's look at each subsection.

Additional Details

Event Description

First, fill out a description of your event in the text field. It can include a topic, some information about your organization, a schedule of events, etc.

This description will be displayed on your landing page in the "About the Event" area. Feel free to add as much (or as little) information as you like. You can also format all the text using the toolbar at the top of the text field.


Next, upload a logo for your event. You can either drag a file from your computer onto the checked box, or click the box to open your file system and select your image.

Generally, we recommend using a light colored logo with a transparent background, but feel free to experiment to achieve the look you want. After you have dragged or selected a file, a preview of that file will display to the right of the checked box, so you can verify you uploaded the correct image.

Featured Information

Features are short text fields that highlight a certain speaker, topic, or sponsor. They appear above the fold on your landing page, and are typically used to display speakers, topics, or sponsors.

To create a new Feature, click the Add Feature button.

All Features have a "Label" and a "Value". The Label is typically "Sponsor" or "Speaker", while the value is the name said sponsor or speaker. Reference the screenshot below for other examples.

Display Settings

Display Settings allow you to customize the overall theme of your landing page and upload a header image.

Theme Options

There are currently two theme options for your landing pages, with more coming soon. Check out the screenshots below to see the differences.


Full Width:

To select your template, click the Theme field and a selection dropdown will appear.

With the Full Width template specifically, you can add a longer description that will appear between your logo image and the Features, making sure that information appears above the fold.

After you have made your selection, upload a cover image by dragging the image file into the dashed box or clicking the box to open your file system.

Pro Tip: Cover images should be as high-resolution as possible. Low-resolution images will stretch to fill the header and look pixelated as a result.

Spotlight Sections

Spotlight Sections are groups of objects with Entries nested inside each group. These Sections will be displayed on the event landing page either in a carousel or standalone below the About The Event area.

When you first get here, it will be blank. Click Add Spotlight Section + to make your first group.

Once you've made your first group, start populating the fields. I'll begin this example with some Sponsors. The Description field next to the Group Name will appear under the Group Name on your landing page. Upload a logo for your sponsor and then fill in the rest of the fields. The Subtitle field is meant for short text, like a title, while the Description box under the Name field is meant for longer text, like a bio. You can also include a link, which will make the object on the landing page clickable.

I'll go ahead and fill in a few more sponsors. To make another entry, click Add Entry + to create a new set of blank fields to fill in. If you have another Section you want to make, click Add Spotlight Section +.

Hit Save at the bottom of the page, then click View Landing Page on the left to see what it looks like.

In this configuration, your Spotlight Sections will be added to a carousel, where you can click on the different Sections to see their Entries.

If you want to emphasize a certain Section on your landing page, go back into the VIPs section and check the box next to Emphasize on landing page?. Then click Save and View Landing Page to see the result.

Your Emphasized group is now prominently displayed on the landing page.

Note: There can be a maximum of 3 Members per row. If more Members are included, they will create a second row below.

That's it! Be sure to click Save, then click View Landing Page to check your work. It is important for your logo and your cover image to be contrasting to ensure legibility. If you are satisfied with your choices, click Save and advance to Registration section.

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