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Landing Page Section
Landing Page Section

A deep dive into the Landing Page section

Written by Chris Deardorff
Updated over a week ago

Welcome to our deep dive on the Landing Page section. Here you will select a logo, create an "About" section, and customize the landing page. Let's look at each subsection.

Additional Details

Video/Livestreaming Description

First, fill out a description of your video session in the text field. It can include a topic, some information about your organization, a schedule of video sessions, etc.

This description will be displayed on your landing page in the "About the Video/Livestream" area. Feel free to add as much (or as little) information as you like. You can also format all the text using the toolbar at the top of the text field.


Next, upload a logo for your video. You can either drag a file from your computer onto the checked box, or click the box to open your file system and select your image.

Generally, we recommend using a light colored logo with a transparent background, but feel free to experiment to achieve the look you want. After you have dragged or selected a file, a preview of that file will display to the right of the checked box, so you can verify you uploaded the correct image.

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