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Mobile Experience Overview

Attend events on revnt with just a phone

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As a web-based application, revnt not only works on your computer, but also from your phone. Our app is fully mobile responsive, which lets you experience events from anywhere. Let's explore how that works.

revnt is fully web-based, meaning there's no app to download. All you need is your browser. When you navigate to an event landing page, you will notice that all landing page content has been reorganized into a single column, allowing you to quickly scroll through event information and promotions.

To enter the event, scroll down and touch the Attend Now button.

Note: The image below assumes you have already registered for the event. If you have not, clicking the Attend Now button will prompt you to create an account/login and then answer registration questions if they exist.

Once inside the event, click the menu icon to navigate between the different features of the platform. Selecting Chat will take you to the last chat room you were in or to a list of accessible chat rooms. To switch chat rooms, click the "˅" icon, and the list of chat rooms will appear.

You can also take notes along with the current session. Select Notes from the menu to navigate to the notepad for the current session. Any notes you take will be synced to the event timeline, and will appear as you took them if you view the event from a computer later.

Selecting Schedule from the menu will show a list of the sessions for your event. Click Join to enter a session in progress, or Enter to enter a session that is already complete.

Once in a session, you can make Highlights and Bookmarks by tapping the icons in the bottom left. If you want to take notes or send chats while in a session, just click that menu icon and navigate to those options. You will not leave the session if you access either of those sections.

As always with revnt, the sessions, chats, and notations will be available after the event is over and can be accessed from any computer or smartphone.

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