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Registration Section

A deep dive on the Registration section

Written by Chris Deardorff
Updated over a week ago

Welcome to the Registration section deep dive. In this section, you can add any registration questions you need your attendees to answer before gaining access to your session.

By default, no registration questions are required to enter your session. Attendees will need to have created a revnt account, and you will still get their name and email address even if you do not have any registration questions made.

Question Types

There are many types of questions that our form builder can create. Take a look at the table below for a short description of each.

Short Text

Provides a field for inputting a limited amount of text. Renders as a single line. Can limit the number of characters allowed.

Long Text

Provides a field for inputting a large amount of text. Renders as an expanding text area.


Provides a field for inputting numbers only. Can limit the range of allowable numbers.

Numeric Range

Provides a range for users to select a single value from, useful for questions like "On a scale from 1 to 5, how do you feel..."


Provides a scrolling selector dropdown where users can select a single value.


Provides a scrolling selector dropdown where users can select multiple values.


Similar to the Dropdown type, except that it displays all possible answers at the same time, and displays total counts for each response.


Allows user to check a box, assenting to a statement.


Allows user to upload an image

Access Code

Allows administrators to lock video session behind an access code.

Building your Registration Questions

Let's begin building your registration questions. For this example, I will add questions asking for the age demographic, the company they work for, and what topics they are interested in.

Click the Add Question box, and a new question form will appear.

To save you some time, we have the option to use a selection of pre-built questions. Just click the Start with Pre-built Template text and select one from the dropdown. There are currently four options, including Age Group, Industry, Country, and State. All templates are editable, so feel free to customize them.

Since our first question is available as a template, I'll select it from the menu.

For our next question about who they work for, click the Add Question box for another question form. Since we want a text answer, leave the question type as Short Text. Then enter the question label "What company do you work for?".

Finally, we'll add another question with multiple options to choose from. As before, click the Add Question box for another form, but this time, select the Question Type dropdown and pick the Multi-Select option. Enter the question label, which here will be "What topics are you most interested in?".

Next we need to create some options for a registrant to pick from. To create an option, simply type it in the Selection Options field and press Enter, which locks in that option and allows you to begin typing the next option.

As you create your questions, note that you have the ability to require a registrant to answer or make a question optional. Just check this box to make a question required.

Here's what our registration questions look like now:

Now that we have our questions created, let's see what they look like for your attendees. Click Save and then View Landing Page. Then click Attend Now to initiate the registration process and bring up the questions.

Note: You may not be able to see the questions if you have already registered for your own video session. Create a revnt account with a different email address to view your questions from the perspective of an attendee.

When registrants fill out the registration questions, their answers are displayed in the Registrations section further down on the sidebar, as shown in the picture below.

Click View Responses on any registrant card to see their answers.

Their answers will also be available in the spreadsheet of all registrants, which you can export from the Registration section at any time.

That's it for our Registration Section deep dive. Make sure to click Save before moving on to the Main Stage Section.

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