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Chat Section

A deep dive on the Chat section

Written by Chris Deardorff
Updated over a week ago

Welcome to the Chat section deep dive. Here, you will be able to create both public and private chat channels.

There are four categories of chat channels available on our platform:


Channels accessible by anyone who attends the session


Channels accessible only by accounts who have been assigned to them


Channels corresponding to each video session. Attendees will only be able to access these channels if they join the corresponding session

Direct Messages

Chat directly to any person registered for the session

In the Chat section, both Public and Private channels can be created and configured. By default, three Public channels are created, Announcements, General, and Support. Feel free to remove these or change their names as needed.

For each channel, you can configure the name and a short description for the purpose of the channel, which will appear at the very top of the channel in the app. To add a new channel, click the Add Public Room box. To remove channels, click the small trash can icon next to the channel name.

Private channels are often used for support or behind the scenes discussions between people on your team. To create a Private channel, click Add Private Room. Add a name and click on the Select Participants field to expand a list of all the attendees and click on the names of participants you want included.

Alternatively, if you would like a Private channel in which all Hosts are added automatically, simply click the Automatically enroll if host? option. All accounts with Host permissions will be able to participate in this chat.

Note: Please ignore the Automatically enroll users of which type field, as that feature is still in development.

Let's build out some chat channels and see what they look like in the video session. Make sure to hit Save and then Enter Session to see what you've built.

And in the video session:

As you can see, the channels we have created are sorted into their categories, which can be collapsed to have a cleaner interface. Note the channel description within the chat channel at the top.

That's it for our Chat section deep dive! When you are satisfied with your choices, click Save to view the Registrations section

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