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Event Creation: Registrations Section
Event Creation: Registrations Section

A deep dive on the Registrations section of the Event Editor

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Welcome to the Registrations section deep dive! Here, you can view and download all your registrants and their answers to your registration questions.

The Registrations section offers a few ways to view all your event registrants. Primarily, each individual will appear as a card. Cards will sort alphabetically by name.

If you want to see an individual's answers to the registration questions, click View Responses on any card.

There are also two export options:

Download Attendees

Exports a CSV file containing only the registrants who entered the event, and how many times they entered

Export to CSV

Exports a CSV containing every registrant with their email addresses, registration dates, and answers to every registration question

Simply click either button to generate the export.

Here is what those exports look like:

Download Attendees:

Export to CSV:

That's it for this deep dive! Be sure to take a look at the last section of the Event Editor, Analytics, by clicking the name in the sidebar.

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