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Main Stage Section

A deep dive on the Main Stage section

Written by Chris Deardorff
Updated over a week ago

Welcome to the Main Stage section deep dive. Here, you can customize the first page your attendees see upon entering your video.

The Main Stage is very versatile, and can be used to host your main video, as a video waiting room, or a place to put a welcome image with housekeeping or sponsor information.

Here are the options for the types of content you can place on your Main Stage:

Video Room

Simple video chat room. Everyone starts with cameras and microphones on, no recording is possible

Live Panel

Broadcast one or multiple speakers to a smaller audience. Only speakers start with cameras and microphones enabled, but audience members can enable theirs to ask questions and interact.

Live Stream

Broadcast one or multiple speakers to an unlimited audience. Only speakers have cameras and microphones enabled. Audience members can view the video and interact via chat.

Video File

Upload a pre-recorded video file.

RTMP Stream

Use your own streaming software (e.g. OBS) to broadcast any live or pre-recorded video streams.


Simply display a welcome image or looping GIF (useful for sponsor or other video info).

When you first enter the Main Stage section, you will find a Media Source dropdown and a dashed box where you can upload an image. If you choose Image for your media source, drag your image file into the dashed box or click it to select the file from your file system to use it as your welcome image.

If you choose Video File as your Media Source, a field will appear where you can upload a video from your computer. Simply click the field and select the file you wish to upload. Once your upload is finished, the filename for your video will appear in the field with a small video thumbnail on the right side.

For these and any other options, when you have finished your selection, click Save followed by View Content to see your choice in action.

That's it for this deep dive. If you are finished with your choices, click Save to move on to the Schedule section.

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