If your audience pays for tickets to your event or you want to evaluate multiple channels for promotion, you may want to add an Access Code to your Registration Questions. Here are the steps to do that:

Step 1: Go to your Registration Questions

In the Event Editor for your event, select Registration from the sidebar on the left. Then, click the box labeled Add Question +.

Step 2: Select Access Code from the Question Type dropdown

Click on the Question Type field and scroll down to select Access Code from the options.

Step 3: Add your Question Name and code Values, and click Save

You have the ability to enter a name or label to the access code. Most users label it "Access Code", but some use "Promo Code" or "Password". You can decide what best fits your brand and communications.

For access codes, most users put a single word or phrase related to the event topic. A couple notes on choosing an access code:

  • Do not use spaces in your access code, as it may cause the question to malfunction. If you want to use a phrase, make sure there are no spaces between the words.

    • For example, "Go Broncos" should be entered as "GoBroncos"

  • The access codes are not case-sensitive. If you add "GoBroncos" as your code, your registrants can enter "gobroncos" and it will be accepted.

  • You can also have multiple codes for registrants to enter

    • This can be useful if you are promoting your event through multiple channels. The access code used will show up in the registration data, so you will be able to see which codes appear most and determine whether different channels are working well for you.

    • Just press "Enter" after typing a code to start adding another one.

That's it! Once you click Save, your access code is live. Be sure to check out our other Tips and Tricks by clicking this button.

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