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Analytics Section

A deep dive into the Analytics Section

Written by Chris Deardorff
Updated over a week ago

Welcome to our Analytics section deep dive! Here, you can view and export viewership analytics.

The analytics section will display your viewership data on a per-session basis. In our example, there was a single session located in the Main Stage. If you have additional sessions, they will populate in a separate table under Session Viewership.

Single Main Stage Session:

Multiple Sessions:

Each session has five data points:


The total runtime of the video session

Live Attendee Count

Count of all attendees who joined live (excludes hosts/speakers)

Average Live Viewing Time

Average of all viewers time spent viewing the session

Total On Demand Views

Count of all viewers who watched the recorded video

Average On Demand View Time

Average of all viewers who watched at least 10% of the recorded video

If you want to see exactly who watched the live video and for how long, simply click the number in the Live Attendee Count cell.

Similarly, you can view individual On Demand viewership data by clicking on the number in that cell.

Lastly, you can export the top-level session analytics by clicking Export to CSV, located above and to the right side of the table. Individual viewing records will be exported in a separate CSV as long as this switch is on.

If you don't want to download the individual viewing records, just click it to turn it off.

That's it for this deep dive! Thanks for taking the time to learn more about our platform.

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