Using Polls and Questions during your event is a great way to increase engagement and understand where your audience stands on a range of issues. Let's explore how we make them.

While inside your event, navigate to the Chat panel inside the engagement interface.

At the bottom of the Chat panel, click Type: Message to view the different types of chats you can send. There will be five options, but for now we are focusing on Polls.

Hover your cursor over the Poll option to pop out the Create New + option and click it.

Let's fill out our poll info, including the Name, Question, and selection options field. Remember, to create selection options, type out your option and press the "Enter" key to save the option and start typing the next one.

Now that we’ve filled it out, we can click Save for Later to save a draft of the poll for use when our event is live.

Note: To save your poll or question for later, you must give it a Name in the first field. This name is only seen by you and will let you pick out which poll to load and send during your event.

Navigate back to Type: Message and hover over Poll to see your poll draft. When you click it, it will open the poll to allow for last-minute edits. Then click Insert Poll followed by Send Poll to send your poll to your attendees.

This process is exactly the same for individual Questions and Surveys with multiple questions. Just hover over either option and click Create New + to make a new question and save it.

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