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Top 5 Ways to Solve a Weak Network Connection
Top 5 Ways to Solve a Weak Network Connection

A few quick solutions for poor connectivity

Written by Chris Deardorff
Updated over a week ago

Here are 5 things to try if you are experiencing poor connectivity with the revnt platform.

  1. Perform a Hard Refresh of your browser

    1. Press Ctrl + Shift + R on Windows or ⌘ + Shift + R on macOS

    2. Sometimes data gets corrupted on its way to your computer. A Hard Refresh will discard everything and request all new data from the site.

  2. Move closer to your wireless router or connect to it via Ethernet

    1. If you are in an environment with multiple wireless routers from your neighbors, your computer may have trouble sending and receiving data in a stable manner. Moving closer to your router can help, and using an Ethernet cable is always best.

  3. Reboot your computer

    1. Certain OS level processes can cause networking problems if they have not been restarted recently. Rebooting lets your computer diagnose those processes and makes them start fresh.

  4. Restart your Router/Modem

    1. Sometimes your router or modem will experience errors that affect your connection. Unplug them from the wall for at least 30 seconds before plugging them back in.

  5. Switch to a different Network or use a phone to Hotspot

    1. Your internet connection issues may be something you can't control. In that case, try switching to a different network or use your phone as a mobile hotspot to use your cellular connection.

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