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revnt Update: 2/22/22
revnt Update: 2/22/22
Written by Chris Deardorff
Updated over a week ago

We have several updates rolling out to users ranging from UI improvements to bug fixes. Check them out below.

New Features!

Registration Question Templates

  • We have added 4 question templates to reduce the amount of time you spend typing in large numbers of possible answers

  • They include Age Group, Industry, Country, and State

  • If you have any requests for other question templates, please shoot us an email at

Formatting Options for Event Description

  • We have added a text formatting toolbar to the Event Description field, so you can easily customize the text

UI Changes

General Changes

  • Forms and fields now have more visual separation (outlining or spacing) to make it easier to understand

  • Text field labels are more defined for easier navigation and identification

Event Editor Reorganization

  • We have come to understand that certain portions of the event creation workflow were too spread out between sections, and have consolidated them.

    • Overview section now contains only the event name, path, date/time, and Host selection

    • The Event Description and Logo upload field has been moved to the Landing Page section, since they display only on the landing page.

    • Some Landing Page section fields have been renamed for easier comprehension

      • "Cover Settings" has been renamed "Display Settings"

      • "Cover Style" has been renamed "Theme"

    • Additional explainer text has been added to each form in the Landing Page Section

    • The VIPs section has been moved entirely into the Landing Page section. All functions remain the same; only the location and naming has been changed.

      • "Groups" have been renamed "Spotlight Sections"

      • "Members" have been renamed "Entries"

Other UI Changes

  • The "Send Invitations" button where you invite Hosts has been moved and enlarged for better visibility

  • When adding a Link to a Spotlight Entry, error text will display if it does not include the "https://" prefix

  • The "Media Source" label in the Main Stage Section has been renamed for greater clarity

Other Changes

  • Exporting your notes now downloads a .txt file instead of a .md for wider compatibility

  • Added text to the home page if a user has not yet registered for any events

  • Removed the "Required" checkbox from Polls and Single Questions in Chat Rooms

Thanks for checking out our new updates. If there are any other features you would like to see, please let us know by emailing us at

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