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revnt Payment Processing FAQ
revnt Payment Processing FAQ

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What fees are charged when a ticket is purchased?

revnt charges a 15% service fee on every ticket sale, which pays for our services as well as any transaction fees.

Together, for a $100 ticket sale, the total fee will be $15, leaving you with $85.

What about sales tax?

We are currently working out the best way to collect that and remit the tax to the proper government agency. Don't worry, though, you will never be responsible for collecting and remitting sales tax yourself.

When will I be paid out?

Payouts are currently set for daily payouts on a rolling basis. FYI, depending on your bank, it can take up to 3 days for the funds to reach your bank account.

How do refunds work?

For Purchasers: Anyone who has purchased a ticket to a piece of content will need to email the organization to receive a refund.

For Organizations: In your Stripe account, you will see all transactions with your account and be able to refund individuals as needed.

  • Note for Debit Card Users: If you are using a debit card as your payout option instead of a bank account, and you do not have sufficient funds in your Stripe account, you will receive a notification to add funds to your Stripe account to cover the refund.

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