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How to Buy a Ticket to an Event
How to Buy a Ticket to an Event

See one you're interested in? Get a Ticket!

Written by Chris Deardorff
Updated over a week ago

Buying a ticket is easy!

Go to the Landing Page of any event you want to attend, and you will see the price listed near the top of the page.

Just click that button and the registration questions, along with ticket pricing, will appear.

Fill out the questions and choose the ticket type.

Ticket Types

There are two ticket types for an event on revnt: Live and On-Demand. Live tickets get you access to the live event as well as the On-Demand content after the event is over, so you can continue to rewatch the content, review your notes, and chat with other attendees. The On-Demand ticket gives you access to the event after it has completed, so you can watch the recordings, take notes, and participate in chat after the event is complete.


Once you have filled out the questions and selected your ticket, click the Advance to Payment button to enter your credit/debit card info.

After filling in your payment info, click Pay and Register to finish payment.

A notification will pop up letting you know the payment completed successfully.

If the event has not opened yet, you'll see the Attend Now button is greyed out. Once the event opens, the button will become clickable to take you inside the event.


If you bought a ticket by mistake, or decided you don't want to attend, you can always request a refund. There are two ways to do this, depending on whether the event has gone live or not.

Before An Event Is Live

To request a refund, click Manage Ticket on the landing page of that event.

A window will appear with the details of your ticket purchase. Click Request Refund.

After reading the instructions, click the red Request Refund button to initiate your refund.

You will get a notification that your refund is being processed.

Refunds typically are processed in a day or two, but can take up to 5 business days depending on the banks involved.

After An Event Is Live

If the event you wish a refund for has gone live, you will not be able to initiate a refund without the Event Organizer's permission. This is to prevent attendees from buying a ticket, consuming the content, and requesting a refund after.
To receive a refund, contact the Organizer of the event via email, and they can initiate a refund for you. If you do not have their email, contact revnt support (either with the chat bubble on the screen or at and we will find it for you.

Note: Individual organizers may have different refund policies, and your refund is at their discretion. If you feel you are due a refund and the organizer has refused, please contact for assistance.

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