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Organization Marketplace and Management
Organization Marketplace and Management

Create and archive events, customize your Org's Event Marketplace, and Configure your settings

Written by Chris Deardorff
Updated over a week ago

Every organization on the revnt platform has its own Organization Marketplace where you can create events, manage your marketplace appearance, and configure your Org's settings. This space is also where you can send your audience to view your upcoming and on-demand events.

Organization Settings

Click Manage Organization to open the menu.

Once it opens, you will see three tabs: Administration, Customize Hub, and Manage Payouts. By default, it opens to the Administration tab, where you can select your Administrators* and setup webhooks. To learn more about webhooks, please check out this guide.

Note: Currently, Organization Administrators must be appointed by revnt staff. If you wish to add someone to your Organization as an Administrator, please contact support with their email address.

Clicking the Customize Hub tab gives you options to change the appearance of your Org page. Here, you can enter a new title for your Marketplace (attendees will see this), and upload a logo and cover image.

Clicking Manage Payouts will either prompt you to connect a bank account for receiving payouts or show which bank account has been connected. For more information on connecting a bank account and payout information, check out this article.

Make sure to click Save after changing any settings.

Managing Your Marketplace

Your audience will be able to view your Org's events at any time by going to "". There they will be able to see all of your upcoming live and or completed events and click them to access their landing pages. Here are some tools to help you manage what they see.

Creating a new Event

To create an event, click the Create Event button located on the cover image.

You will be prompted to name the event, then taken to the event editor. To learn more about event creation, check out this article.

Editing Existing Events

To edit an existing event, find the event you wish to edit and click the Manage button located on the event card, then select Edit from the list. You will be taken to the Event Editor for that event.

Marketplace Layout

Your Org Marketplace has three rows for events. The top row is for Live and Upcoming Events, the second row is for On-Demand Events, and the third is for Archived Events.

If you are only using revnt for On-Demand Events, you will only have that row and the Archived Events Row.

Live > On-Demand > Archived

When you create a live event, it will be listed in the Live and Upcoming Events row until the event has been completed, meaning all recorded sessions have been completed inside the event.

If there are sessions within the event that are not recorded (i.e. Video Rooms), you can manually complete an event by clicking on the Manage button located on the individual event card, followed by the Complete option.

A completed event moved down from the Live and Upcoming Events row down to the On-Demand Event row. If you complete an event, but didn't mean to, don't worry! Just click the Manage button again and click Re-Open. It will go back up to the Live row.

Note: All rows are sorted by Air Date, meaning the date the event took place live.

If, for any reason, you would like an event not to be shown in your Event Marketplace, you can send it to your archive. Any archived event will not be seen by your attendees, but you will be able to see it in the Archived Events Row. Just click on any event's Manage button and select Archive.

As with the complete option above, any event can be unarchived at any time by selecting the Unarchive option in the Manage menu.

View As Attendee

At the top of your Org Marketplace, you can see a button that reads "View As Attendee". Clicking this button at any time will remove all administrative buttons and tools from the view so that you can see what attendees will see.

That's it for the Org Marketplace! Remember, if you have any questions, you can always send an email to to get some answers.

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